The Peel Centre was launched as the Hendon Police College in 1934, the vision of then Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Trenchard.

The College was closed five years after opening by the Second World War, and re-opened again in 1946 as the Metropolitan Police Training School where officers at all levels were trained.

The closure of the RAF base in Hendon allowed the Metropolitan Police to expand its site in the 1960’s and 70’s, opening Peel House to the eastern end and its adjacent tower blocks, with additional development to the west and north of the site as well.

The Peel Centre has trained officers at all levels including many of the Metropolitan Police’s senior officers and is held in great affection within the Metropolitan Police Service.

It has developed an international reputation for the quality of its training with police from around the world travelling to the Peel Centre to learn the latest skills in effective policing practice. Today the site accommodates one of the Met’s five Regional Learning Centres, the Hendon MetCall, Driving School facilities, Storage facilities – and supports the NPIA and their National Infrastructure.


The rapid development of Information Technology and the fact that residential training no longer takes place at the Peel Centre Site have highlighted the need for redevelopment of new facilities fit for the purpose of modern policing.