Tower blocks at Peel Centre site
CGI of the Peel Centre exterior and
new parade ground

Our new-build facilities can occupy a much smaller area, entirely self-funded from selling surplus land, with annual running costs significantly reduced (by over 50% from £11m - £5m per annum).

The new development will deliver…

Two brand new buildings and the retention of Building 36 providing around 21,000 sq m of floor space with flexible and adaptable facilities to provide a modern training and operational environment and make better use of space on site.

Tower blocks at Peel Centre site
Open plan office space for teams at the Peel Centre

A total of 19,900sq m of office and training space including room for 840 workstations, training, meeting and quiet rooms. There will also be capacity for 1,000 lockers and changing facilities.

A new fully automated room booking system allowing a more efficient use of classrooms from 7.00am – 10.00pm.

Capacity to train up to 911 students at any one time.

Tower blocks at Peel Centre site
New communal areas at the Peel Centre

Open-plan office design and space standards to support new ways of working and equipped to meet the needs of current and future policing.

Flexible catering provision with the capacity to provide food for up to 400 people in two sittings. This will maintain the use of the Peel Centre as an operational base when required during an event or incident.

Tower blocks at Peel Centre site
Roadside view of the new Peel Centre

A new Parade Ground which will sit at the heart of the new development with the existing listed Sir Robert Peel Statue relocated to sit alongside.

The relocation of the Memorial Garden within the new scheme and retention of heritage items including the listed Police Box.