Our plans are based upon new-build police facilities to provide a modern working environment, making best use of new technology, much more efficient use of space and supporting the needs of Total Policing.

Detailed Plan
Aerial view of the existing site

The rest of the site will be opened up to the public, creating new homes, jobs, shops and open space, as well as a new primary school, as part of the wider regeneration of the Colindale area.

Delivering new facilities will enable us to:

Provide specially designed spaces that meet our current and future needs – ensuring these support the Total Policing approach and are flexible to respond to changing demand.

Encourage users to work closer together – sharing some facilities to ensure maximum occupancy, with appropriate consideration for operational requirements.

Create a better working environment impact – which will help people to do their job and attract new recruits to work here.

Reduce our energy costs and environmental impact – saving money and supporting the objective in the MPS Corporate Responsibility Strategy to manage and reduce our carbon emissions.

Deliver real financial savings so we can protect front line services – with the new-build facilities entirely self-funded from selling land that is no longer needed, and annual costs significantly reduced.